On my way back from Charlottesville, I had been to Fishersville, a small picturesque town in Virginia.

Before that, we drove to Colonial Williamsburg, America’s first planned city which was the intellectual and revolutionary center of the American colonies from 1699 to 1780. It was the thriving capital of Virginia where the dream of American Freedom and Independence was taking shape. It was the most influential place where fundamental concepts of republic, responsible leadership, a sense of public service, self government and individual liberty were nurtured under the leadership of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason and Peyton Randolph. In fact only a few miles away from Williumsburg, at Jamestown, America’s colonial history began in 1607 which came to an end with the seize of nearby Yorktown in 1781.

The present Colonial Williamsburg is the accurately recreated version of the old Williamsburg, where even today one can feel the pulse of the 17th/18th century colonial era.